Author: Mehrin Khan

Persistent pessimism despite resilient economy

Article by Armine Kardashyan’26   Despite low unemployment, an increasing labor force participation rate, and robust GDP growth this year, US consumers are still pessimistic about the state of the economy. Is consumer sentiment becoming disconnected from economic fundamentals or do consumers simply weigh recent inflation more heavily than these other positive indicators? To address

The War on Inflation & its Costs

After the Fed contended with October’s inflation report, economist Paul Krugman declared that the “war on inflation is over.” – while this war and subsequent victory wasn’t necessarily defined, it’d be fair to say that most Americans don’t feel like the sting of inflation has gone anywhere. And saying we won at “very little cost”

Would a liberal arts degree benefit you?

In a Georgetown study, researchers collected the 10-year net present value (NPV) of a degree from each of 210 liberal arts colleges. While the median 10-year NPV of a liberal arts degree ($54,400) is significantly lower than that of an engineering degree ($72,200), there are many liberal arts colleges with high NPV, such as Claremont