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Overdose Deaths Spike During COVID-19 Pandemic

Article by Julia Garbee ’22.   Addiction is a disease that thrives in isolation. The long-term isolation and economic devastation triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic largely contributed to exacerbated drug use. Overdose fatalities, which were already on the rise pre-pandemic, became more frequent due to these pandemic stressors and treatment shortages. More than 54,000 Americans

Where are the Wearers: Investigating American Mask Usage

Article by Georgia Dietz and Leo Kitchell “No Mask, No Service” has become a common, and polarizing, refrain across America. News outlets have been quick to discuss the impact of partisan ideology and racial identity on Americans’ willingness to wear face coverings, yet new analysis from the Lowe Institute finds that popular narratives surrounding race

The Hidden Cost of Avocados

The Hidden Cost of America’s Trendiest Fruit   The U.S. – Mexican avocado trade has proven to be a lucrative business, with some estimates for the total avocado earnings as high as two billion dollars. Roderic Camp, Philip M. McKenna Professor of the Pacific Rim at Claremont McKenna College, emphasized the new role of organized