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Would a liberal arts degree benefit you?

In a Georgetown study, researchers collected the 10-year net present value (NPV) of a degree from each of 210 liberal arts colleges. While the median 10-year NPV of a liberal arts degree ($54,400) is significantly lower than that of an engineering degree ($72,200), there are many liberal arts colleges with high NPV, such as Claremont

Deficit Picture Likely Worse Than It Seems

Article by Armine Kardashyan and Weston Crewe Days before the US was expected to have its first ever default, Congressional Republicans and the White House negotiated a deal that lifted the debt ceiling and cut government spending. This was in part because the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projections showed substantial deficits for the foreseeable future.

California Forests Are Disappearing–And So Are Air Pollution Disparities

Article by Derik Suria & Meghna Pamula Air pollution is a serious public health concern. Research shows significant disparities in exposure to air pollution and health outcomes among different communities by the level of income. Low-income communities are likely to be disproportionately affected by air pollution (Harvard study). African Americans and Latinos are more likely

Is The Wisdom of Crowds Prone to Exaggeration? Evidence from Metaculus

Article by Sambhav Maheshwari and Karan Goel Upon completing this article, you’ll have effortlessly forecasted the future multiple times. The headline alone gave you a rough idea of whether this article will pique your interest. Now, these initial lines serve as a litmus test, determining if the remainder merits your attention. We’re all natural forecasters

Emotions Running High: Political Stress and Domestic Violence Reports

Article by Anya Syed Prior studies show that when local NFL teams lose, especially when unexpected, reports of at-home violence by men against their partners increase by 10% (Card and Dahl 2011). Research also shows that Americans increasingly treat politics as a sport where they identify heavily with the wins and losses of their team. We investigate whether

Did American Investors Believe Evergrande would be China’s Lehman Moment?

Article by Katie Chen On September 22nd, 2021, Chinese real estate giant Evergrande failed to meet a coupon deadline totaling $83 million of bond interest payments. News outlets drew comparisons between  Evergrande’s crisis and the Lehman Brothers’ collapse; it seemed as though Evergrande’s potential bankruptcy had the ability to trigger global financial panic.   As the

How are Global Interest Rates Responding to Recent Inflationary Pressures?

Article by Jennifer Lim Following an unprecedented intentional shutdown of economic activity to fight the pandemic, switching it back on has caused a lot of turbulence. As the restrictions loosened, consumers armed with stimulus money entered a sluggish market with dysfunctional supply chains and significant labor shortages. This forced consumer prices in the United States