Southern California’s Residential Rental Rates and the Pandemic

Article by Nate Coffin.   The COVID-19 pandemic presents many challenges for the residential rental market. Some renters are choosing to leave city-life under the new work-from-home culture and seeking living arrangements in cheaper or lower infection areas. Other renters, both inside and outside of the city, are facing unemployment and struggling with payments. These

The Impact of Industry Donations on Voting in Presidential Elections

Article by Anya Syed   Reporting on elections frequently conveys which industries are giving money to which candidates. But these donations are often dominated by the executives of corporations. Do the votes by people employed in that industry align with the candidates to whom the money from that industry flows?   To investigate, we analyzed

Creeping Up of Emotional Violence Against Women in Mexico

Article by Viola Hernandez. On average, women’s experience in Mexico has improved in the last ten to twenty years when we look at factors such as education, economic activity, and representation in business and government. However, the percent of women experiencing emotional, physical, sexual, or economic violence has increased in several Mexican states from 2006

Wildfires: Burning Home Value?

Article by Julia Garbee. A shift in climate toward longer, hotter, drier summers has led to increasingly deadly wildfire seasons. Annual wildfires burn almost three times the area they did in 1985. Since 2015, the United States has experienced, on average, roughly 100 more large wildfires every year than the year before. In 2018 alone

Who Is More Likely to Report an Income Loss?

Article by Mert Akan The economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has struck unevenly across the state. Analysis by the Lowe Institute of Political Economy suggests that in California African-Americans were more likely to report an income loss while employees of large corporations were less likely to report an income loss during Q2 2020. In

Which Newspapers Will Litter the Convention Floors?

Article by Mert Akan.  Tell me what you read and I’ll tell you who you are. – Martin Heidegger It is by now widely understood that the American media audience is highly segmented by political affiliation. Those who watch Fox News tend to be conservative. Those who listen to NPR tend to be liberal. We

Whose Jobs Are Being Automated?

Article by Mert Akan.  We are by now all familiar with the fact that many of the middle class jobs of the 20th century have been outsourced or automated. It is also commonplace to read lists of which occupations are most vulnerable to the next wave of automation. And while Covid-19 has reduced trade and