Whose Jobs Are Being Automated?

Article by Mert Akan.  We are by now all familiar with the fact that many of the middle class jobs of the 20th century have been outsourced or automated. It is also commonplace to read lists of which occupations are most vulnerable to the next wave of automation. And while Covid-19 has reduced trade and

Where are the Wearers: Investigating American Mask Usage

Article by Georgia Dietz and Leo Kitchell “No Mask, No Service” has become a common, and polarizing, refrain across America. News outlets have been quick to discuss the impact of partisan ideology and racial identity on Americans’ willingness to wear face coverings, yet new analysis from the Lowe Institute finds that popular narratives surrounding race

Who stands to benefit from vote-by-mail?

Article by Ethan Kable. Could COVID-19 reshape the electoral outcome this November? Research from the Lowe Institute shows that it might, depending on how states adjust voting procedures. As the threat of COVID-19 persists, one of the biggest questions facing US policymakers is how to adapt voting procedures for the upcoming presidential election. Concerns over

Will California’s hotels survive the coronavirus pandemic?

Article by Ethan Kable In California, the tourism and hospitality sectors have been hit hard by COVID-19, but analysis from the Lowe Institute shows that there are reasons to believe the industry can bounce back.  Out of all states, California brings in the most yearly revenue from tourism. However, with stay-at-home restrictions in place and

Women in the Workplace

Article written by Paris Masiel   Women have made up a significant portion of the labor force since before the government has collected data on the topic. Since the 1950’s, the trend of the nuclear family with the male breadwinner and stay-at-home mother has broken down rapidly, and women’s labor force participation has advanced steadily.

Covid-19 brings back the house call via telehealth

Article written by Julia Garbee The COVID-19 pandemic, with the support of new technology, has accelerated the implementation of telehealth platforms nationally. Dr. Anil Keswani, Chief Medical Officer of ACO’s and Health Plans at Scripps Health, believes that COVID has given telehealth its moment. In San Diego, Scripps Health is experiencing a “rapid escalation” of

How are Restaurant and Bar Workers Doing During this Pandemic?

“I know it’s going to be different. I know I’m not going to have the same hours. I know I’m not going to be making the same money as before because everyone will be scared to be around other people” said Jesus Acosta, an unemployed restaurant server from the Greater Seattle Area. Acosta’s situation is

California COVID-19 Crop Yields

Among the many negative impacts that COVID-19 has had on health, the economy, and social well-being there has been one well-documented silver lining. As states and whole countries issue stay-at-home orders, air quality has increased markedly. In California, which is home to 10 of the 25 U.S. cities with the worst levels of air pollution,

Visualizing Coronavirus’ “Winners”

Record breaking unemployment claims, sweeping shutdowns, and a volatile stock market have made predicting the full effect of COVID-19 near impossible. Yet what we can say with certainty is that the effects of this shock are strongly heterogenous. Nowhere is this clearer than in stock market returns. While the S&P 500 is down over 20%

California Consumer Confidence Craters 

Economic data arrive with a lag. In any recession, it is a challenge to forecast the present and recent past, let alone the future. Because gubernatorial executive orders have essentially shut down large swaths of the economy, the onset of the Covid–19 induced recession has been unprecedentedly swift, making out-of-date data unhelpful in assessing the